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Welcome to Duckville Imaging!

Your leader in Camo Dipping and Water Transfer Printing.

We are your Camo Specialist!

Duckville Imaging is proud to announce that we have our FFL license.

Duckville is now your licensed Lost Camo authorized dealer. You now can get all your items dipped in Lost Camo! lost_camo

Duckville Imaging is now a Mossy Oak authorized licensed dealer. We are very excited about this partnership with Mossy Oak. We can now dip anything you need done in any pattern of Mossy Oak Camouflage!

Camo Dipping

Through our water transfer imaging process, also called Hydro graphics, Water

Transfer Printing or Camo Dipping , Duckville Imaging brings to the consumer the

opportunity to add value, beauty, and style, or simply personalize any object they

You can apply one of several hundred varied types of patterns to any two- or
three-dimensional object which will not be harmed by being submersed in water,
and will not absorb water, on substrates such as plastic, metal, fiberglass, and hard
woods. The applications are endless! Examples of images you can apply include
various varieties of camouflage, carbon fiber, brushed aluminum, granite, marble,
and burl wood, and many more.

You can even have custom patterns created of
almost any kind!

If you have any questions please contact Ron Hoffman at (812)-367-1654 or (812)-630-7514 or by email

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